Minggu, 15 Juli 2012

Student Orientation

as you see on the title section, yes. I was having 3 days student orientation to enter St. Joseph High School (but really, everyone call it Santo Yoseph or Sanyo).
Did you guys have it too in your school? if yes, i know that feel, bro.
But really, student orientation is something i don't really want to do like, i don't get along well with new people (in this case, LOTS of new people) and putting them around me and hearing them babbling and babbling over nothing really irks me. Like someone from my team (we are divided by 16 teams. I'm on the 8th, Discipline). I thought she was nice at day 1 but the next day, i began to realize that she isn't 'that' nice to me. I don't want to sound so 'paranormal' but i just can see it in her face that she is some kind of 'mommy daddy i want those toys and if you don't buy them for me i would hate you forever' one (please mind the extra long parable) so i began to stay away from her (but not so far so she won't know that i actually avoiding her)

But i do meet some new friends like the petite girl named Lia (seriously, i don't really know her complete name. she already said it few times but i just can't remember and the only thing i remember is the last part of her name which is Lia) and Sharon! oh my oh my Sharon... she is like my elementary school's friend! but Sharon is the female version of my friend :p she is so funny!
But still, i don't think i can get along quickly with those new kids (and that means, i would probably stuck with Cindy, Venna, and Ibeth at the beginning)

Oh, back to the activities.
So we spent 1 day at school and 2 days camping on Mekarsari. We went there by buses (6 ugly and old buses and 2 mini vans and some motorcycles) and arrived around 10 am. The weather is SO FREAKING HOT!! so hot until i believe i can make a hot water just by putting the water bottle outside my tent.
And the good part is, we, girls with ultra sensitive skin who don't want to get out skin tanned, who doesn't bring hat, CANNOT wear jacket! duh..
and luckily enough, we practiced marching in field with lots of big tree but still, these legs are unbelievably sore right now.

And then by 11 pm, we had a game which is to collecting our committees' signature (and now they feel like they are superstar - -) with only 1 flashlight per team.
And little thing we don't know is, there are some crews from our local TV channel that participated on this activity. Their job is to scare the heck out of us by putting 2 fake ghosts.
and you know what?

I am 1000000% sure that my team won't appear on that show because instead of screaming the hell out of us, we actually laughed at the ghost! it's because Michael, he found a pair of yellow sandals under the counter table (we must arrange puzzle in that table) and we take a look inside the counter and there he is, a long haired with thick white powder and black paint around eyes ghost. And FYI, it's not even a woman. it's a man, dressed up as ghost of a woman - -. It's not scary AT ALL. EVEN MY TEAM WERE WAITING FOR HIM TO APPEAR FROM THE COUNTER AND LAUGH AT HIM HYSTERICALLY. And if i were him, i would shut my mouth up because of infinite shame. But then the crew came out of the blue and said that they ARE from that TV station and we just laughed at him too. even i was making a ridiculous shock expression because we thought that our committee must be hiring some men to pretend to be the crew - -
But after that, we enter the labyrinth and must follow the instruction on a paper. i must say it's pretty scary because of the dark vibe and that freaking bald statue at the center of the labyrinth but overall, the game was great :D

So on the last day, we just having games and games and closing ceremony. Not a big deal though.
But one thing me and Venna are excited about; kl & kk.
I won't tell you anymore than that. it's a top secret which only both of us know hehe...

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