Rabu, 19 September 2012

Halloween Horror

I already upload the drawing before but i just added color to it~

what do you think? XD

Jumat, 10 Agustus 2012


Do you know who is she?

Bleh, she's not me obviously.
She's Janice, my little sister <3
She is cute, isn't she? Now if i tell her this, she will be smiling like a happy dolphin -A-

But yeah, she really is pretty *envy*
And she really likes to pretend that she is a model and I, being  a good sister for her, willing to arrange her clothes for her to wear and then for me to take a photo of her :p

And actually, that is my clothes back then when i was a cute, little, adorable child /bricked/

So... No drawings for today since I'm too lazy to take a picture of them and send it to my laptop and then edit a few of it and then finally post it here =A=

Minggu, 29 Juli 2012

She is...

She is the one who suffer
She is the one who wants to change the world
But she is nothing
She only is a girl in a light tosca dress.

Kamis, 26 Juli 2012

Hipsters Gonna Hip

phew, another update :)
high school life is really busy eh? I've studied for only 2 weeks and next week there will be 2 tests! -..-
but somehow, i enjoy it B)

So today's theme is Hippie? maybe~
As you can see, there is a vest with batik pattern. It should be brown but too lazy to give it colour :p the pants itself is puffy (?) at the bottom. and the pants' colour is white :D

So i hope you like this one :) see ya!

Minggu, 22 Juli 2012

Candy Wonderland

Bam! an update!

This time, is a candy festival inspired theme :D (what the.. my grammar is so poor)
and again and again, please mind the poor image quality. But i've edited them a little bit, so you can see it clearer :)
enjoy it, and don't forget to give comments (although i'm pretty sure that no one will comment on this blog--)

Sabtu, 21 Juli 2012


another drawing of mine :) what do you think of it?
i know i know... another bad quality of images right? but unfortunately, my scanner still hasn't work :|

ah okay, so now as you can see, the top is pretty much more like light denim blazer with neon yellow pants (it's not jeans since i think since the top is already made of denim)
and again, no shoes again. I'm sucks at drawing foot/shoes .__.

Minggu, 15 Juli 2012

Student Orientation

as you see on the title section, yes. I was having 3 days student orientation to enter St. Joseph High School (but really, everyone call it Santo Yoseph or Sanyo).
Did you guys have it too in your school? if yes, i know that feel, bro.
But really, student orientation is something i don't really want to do like, i don't get along well with new people (in this case, LOTS of new people) and putting them around me and hearing them babbling and babbling over nothing really irks me. Like someone from my team (we are divided by 16 teams. I'm on the 8th, Discipline). I thought she was nice at day 1 but the next day, i began to realize that she isn't 'that' nice to me. I don't want to sound so 'paranormal' but i just can see it in her face that she is some kind of 'mommy daddy i want those toys and if you don't buy them for me i would hate you forever' one (please mind the extra long parable) so i began to stay away from her (but not so far so she won't know that i actually avoiding her)

But i do meet some new friends like the petite girl named Lia (seriously, i don't really know her complete name. she already said it few times but i just can't remember and the only thing i remember is the last part of her name which is Lia) and Sharon! oh my oh my Sharon... she is like my elementary school's friend! but Sharon is the female version of my friend :p she is so funny!
But still, i don't think i can get along quickly with those new kids (and that means, i would probably stuck with Cindy, Venna, and Ibeth at the beginning)

Oh, back to the activities.
So we spent 1 day at school and 2 days camping on Mekarsari. We went there by buses (6 ugly and old buses and 2 mini vans and some motorcycles) and arrived around 10 am. The weather is SO FREAKING HOT!! so hot until i believe i can make a hot water just by putting the water bottle outside my tent.
And the good part is, we, girls with ultra sensitive skin who don't want to get out skin tanned, who doesn't bring hat, CANNOT wear jacket! duh..
and luckily enough, we practiced marching in field with lots of big tree but still, these legs are unbelievably sore right now.

And then by 11 pm, we had a game which is to collecting our committees' signature (and now they feel like they are superstar - -) with only 1 flashlight per team.
And little thing we don't know is, there are some crews from our local TV channel that participated on this activity. Their job is to scare the heck out of us by putting 2 fake ghosts.
and you know what?

I am 1000000% sure that my team won't appear on that show because instead of screaming the hell out of us, we actually laughed at the ghost! it's because Michael, he found a pair of yellow sandals under the counter table (we must arrange puzzle in that table) and we take a look inside the counter and there he is, a long haired with thick white powder and black paint around eyes ghost. And FYI, it's not even a woman. it's a man, dressed up as ghost of a woman - -. It's not scary AT ALL. EVEN MY TEAM WERE WAITING FOR HIM TO APPEAR FROM THE COUNTER AND LAUGH AT HIM HYSTERICALLY. And if i were him, i would shut my mouth up because of infinite shame. But then the crew came out of the blue and said that they ARE from that TV station and we just laughed at him too. even i was making a ridiculous shock expression because we thought that our committee must be hiring some men to pretend to be the crew - -
But after that, we enter the labyrinth and must follow the instruction on a paper. i must say it's pretty scary because of the dark vibe and that freaking bald statue at the center of the labyrinth but overall, the game was great :D

So on the last day, we just having games and games and closing ceremony. Not a big deal though.
But one thing me and Venna are excited about; kl & kk.
I won't tell you anymore than that. it's a top secret which only both of us know hehe...

Selasa, 26 Juni 2012

Navy Gold

I have learnt how to make a sketch with Croquis lately and it turns out beautifully <3 the models now have a very looonngggg legs and nice curvy body :) /happy

Another sketch of mine :D this time, thanks to my friend Nadine who said that i should put colours on my drawing, i began to give my drawings colours (/le fail me at english)

So the close-up one~ the blue section is suppose to be plaid navy blue (or navy blue net?)

Senin, 25 Juni 2012

Hawkeye-Inspired Dress.

Sorry for not post anything for God-knows-how-long. My scanner doesn't work and i have to take the picture of my drawing with my 2megapixel phone camera (i lost my other phone which has 3,4mp resolution!*dies*)

btw, i've been into Avengers lately. Don't know why, but Hawkeye catch my attention the fastest (?) and knowing the fact that Jeremy Renner played the role of Hawkeye makes me love him even more <3

Selasa, 10 April 2012

I think I should give colors to my drawing though hahahaha but it might turn out not as great as some fashion skecthes on google or tumblr - -" but yeah, I'll try it anyway~

Kamis, 05 April 2012

Dear diary, hari ini, aku......
najong, sejak kapan jadi unyu begini?

Ok. Jadi, hari ini, gue, venna, erra, nadine, vanny, sama della itu ke MKG. SO HAPPY!! Ini adalah jalan-jalan pertama gue sama anak sanyo setempat sejak pertama kali gua menginjakkan kaki di sanyo (that means, 3 years!) Yep, kita kesono sebagai pelarian dari tempat ferlita yang kebanyakan orang dan sekalian buat nonton The Hunger Game (y)

Jadi, mungkin semua orang yg ikut hari ini udah mulai menduga acara pergi-pergi kali ini bakal rempong kuadrat akar tiga bagi lima. Dan ternyata, yeah we are. Sempet banyak gonjang-ganjing diantara kami. Transportasi misalnya. Hari Selasa kemarennya mah gua sama nadine udah PD 1500% kalo pergi ke gadingnya bisa naik sopir bapaknya dia, ato naik mobil bokap, dianter sama koko gua. Lalu, kegundah gulana hati erra yang mutusin buat naik angkot sama della dan venna. Hingga pada akhirnya....

kita ke gading naik taksi.

Gua, erra, dan venna, sebagai teman sebotis dan seautis, memutuskan untuk naik taksi blubet (?) yang disopiri oleh seorang bapak bermuka panjang dengan rambut keriwil seperti roma irama bernama Pak Asri (beneran lho ini namanya!!). Dan entah kenapa, sejak kita bertiga duduk di dalem taksi, alarm botis di diri gua erra venna langsung bunyi dan pada akhirnya, kita bener-bener mempermalukan diri kita di hadapan Pak Asri yang innocent itu....

Mulai dari ngomongin taksi terbang, argo di setting ulang, nyari nasi padang (kata erra lumayan buat makan di bioskop. Kurang gila apa coba itu bocah.), sampe pengkhianatan antara 2 sohib yang udah temenan setaon. Ya, Pak Asri sopir taksi gua erra venna, dengan Pak Solihin, sopir taksi della vanny nadine. Mungkin mereka emang temen yang bersikap seperti bestfriend, jadi pak asri menyarankan (nyuruh tepatnya) venna buat bbm della (ato nadine) buat kasih tau kalo mau ngomong ama pak solihin suaranya agak teriak dan balasan dari pak solihin yang mengatak kalo pak asri lah yg budeg.

Ok lah, skip dulu cerita tentang kisah persahabatan antar sopir ini, let's move on.

Jadi, setelah sampe di gading, kita langsung meluncur ke XXI buat nonton The Hunger Game. Gua kira itu pertamanya film tentang game kuda nil (itu lhoo yang game nya! yang ada kuda nil 3 kalo gasalah) ternyata kata della, itu tentang film yang pokoknya begitu deh! baru pas gua liat trailernya, ternyata ada mantan suami gua, aa Josh. Aww langsung melesat nonton! Selama film, gua dengan sukarela duduk di paling pojok deket dinding dengan venna di sebelah kiri gua. Karna gua lupa bawa uang tambahan, jadi gua minjem sana sini (selasa utang gua segunung kilimanjaro ini aaaa). Oh ya, bisa dibilang, gua adalah orang paling gatau diri ini hari-__-

Selama film berlangsung, imajinasi liar venna tetep jalan, kebukti saat dia bilang ada naughty di film itu (karena ada ruangan warna pink yg kayak di naughty di hunger game nya) sampe krim penyembuh luka yg ga ada gara-gara buat bumbu ayam bakar........ krik.
Tapi, visi misi gua della venna itu sama; Josh nya!!!!!!
Jir dia itu ganteng bangetsss masih ga nyangka kalo dia udah 18 taon (sekitar itu lah) padahal terakhir gua liat dia masih kecil unyu dan innocent di Zathura ato Bridge Of Terabithia >//<

Ok lah, pegelangan tangan gua udah mulai pegel jadi skip aja langsung sama beberapa kejadian 'WOW'nya Nadine. Ya, bocah berambut ikal dan linglung ini telah menjadi korban kekejian temannya sendiri. Telah dilaporkan bahwa ia sudah beberapa kali di tinggal oleh teman-temannya. Entah itu karena dia jalan sendirian, karena sibuk liatin barang-barang di toko, ataupun karena ia berhenti buat beli minuman. Begitulah, nadine adalah anak SMP kesepian yang sering menjadi bahan tertinggal. Bagaikan buku pr yang selalu ketinggalan (atau memang sengaja ditinggal) di rumah....

Nah, udah mau abis nih post! Karena kita pergi ke gading naik taksi, pulangnya juga dong. Again, gua venna erra naik taksi blubet dari mall. Gua sengaja naik taksi dibelakang si vanny punya karena ngeliat tampang bapak sopirnya kayaknya baik dan bisa di ajak ngebotis bareng kayak pak asri tadi. Dan pada 10 menit awal, pak sopir itu tetep stay cool, until venna scolded him to be more active.. Dan sejak itu, bapak sopir yang belakangan diketahui namanya sebagai Pak Agus ini pun menyambut ajakan kita untuk ngebotis bareng /yey

Tapi ngebotis nya pak agus gak terlalu lama juga kok karena dia ternyata adalah seorang yang sangat bijaksana! Well, i think he is. Saat venna bilang mau ngenalin dia sama nadine (sumpek, nadine bener-bener kasian ini hari.) dan suruh follow twitternya pake akun blubet (dan suruh mbak2 di KFC juga sama pak asri buat follow nadine), sampe dia jawab idola dia adalah istrinya seorang saat kita tanya idolanya siapa /applause/

Oh well, my wrist start to hurt a bit. See ya !

Jumat, 23 Maret 2012


So this is kind of a clothes i really really REALLY want to have! (but not with the heels though :p)

First Post!

Hehehehe it's been a looong time ago since I open my blog. Well, so here it is! My (other) blog and I hope that this will last umm... forever?

Basically, I'm gonna post something about my daily activities (including my friends at school ofc!) and maybe, post some of my clothes design (by me, of course :p)

And hey, happy reading!